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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Growth Mindset in Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Since I first posted about mindset research in 2010 there has been much discussion and application of this in relation to mathematics teaching and learning so I figured I'd update things with new references.  One of the most impressive efforts is that of mathematics teacher Helen Hindle who has created Growth Mindset Mathematics that's chock full of great information and lesson activities!  Jo Boaler, mathematics educator at Stanford, has written extensively about mindset and mathematics and has an online course about mathematics learning built around the idea of having a growth mindset.  And the research base has continued to grow including this 2014 study showing positive impacts on student achievement after a 30-minute online intervention. Finally, this TEDx Talk by Eduardo Briceno about Growth Mindset gives a great framing of this concept and how it can powerfully drive learning. 


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