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Monday, April 14, 2014

Technology that Supports Meaningful Mathematics Learning

At the NCTM Annual Meeting in New Orleans last week I had the chance to talk briefly with a few folks about their use of technology that supports meaningful mathematics learning.  Some criteria we agreed were important to keep in mind when deciding whether to use technology and, if so, which technology, included:
  • Helps students see things differently (within constraints - e.g. microworlds)
  • Is simple to use but promotes deep cognition/challenge
  • Gives students better access to concepts (reduce/remove barriers)
  • Allows students to connect mathematics to aspects of their culture/community
  • Puts students into the role of creators rather than consumers of knowledge
Resources that reflect some number of these criteria were shared in a Google Form, the results of which are below.  These represent the specific interests of the group I was talking with and the list is of course not comprehensive.  If you'd like to contribute additional resources, the form is here.