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Thursday, October 11, 2012

NCTM Dallas Regional Presentation

This is a quick post to share the slides from my presentation today on Common Core Standards for Mathematics Practice at the NCTM Regional Conference in Dallas.  I'll update later with more details...

The presentation slides are at this link.

Update (12:45 PM 10/11/12)
The session was well-attended with about 100 folks in the room.  I invited them to enter my Socrative Teacher classroom by installing the Socrative Student Clicker app before we got started.  Over 30 participants did so and were able to provide input in addition to those who spoke out verbally during the session.

I was impressed with the turnout and the participation. My intent was to provide food for thought about the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice as well as what it means, in general, to think about teaching 21st century learners.  I hope the attendees found it to be 60 minutes well-spent!

One slide I didn't have as much time to comment on as I had planned is titled "Flipping Out" and features a link to a Kahn Academy video.  The point I was going to make is that if "flipping" one's classroom is simply a matter of moving lectures to homework and doing homework in class, we're not addressing the real need to transform what teaching and learning are all about.  It's more than rearranging the same traditional lessons that focus primarily on skills and procedures.  We need to be looking for ways to shift teaching and learning to place students' reasoning and sense making at the center of all that takes place.  Two recent columns discuss this quite well (better than I am able to do!), so I encourage you to check these out:


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