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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sessions at NCTM's Annual Meeting

If you weren't able to attend NCTM's Annual Meeting this year in Philadelphia, you can catch the highlights and get speaker handouts online!  My own session, Eliciting Mathematical Reasoning with Digital Tools: Engaging Students and Teachers, was part of the Learn-Reflect strand focusing on the use of technology in mathematics education. (Note the slides I uploaded to share don't have the embedded multimedia that I used live to keep the file size reasonable). One of the more exciting parts of my session (at least for me) was being able to use the Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student Clicker apps (free on Android and iOS) to allow participants to send in responses.  I had about 1/3 of the folks there who could install the app and join in.  With a large group, it was a nice way to get feedback from more than just the handful of folks who might speak up orally.  This can be really rich to use in your own classroom to promote sharing ideas in a very non-threatening way. You can set it up to accept multiple choice or open text responses.

You can search the entire conference program here to look for handouts from other sessions that might be of interest.  And don't miss the Opening Session keynote by Diane Ravitch that NCTM has webcast on its site.  She was inspiring and basically issued a call to action for us to work even harder to take back our profession from what she termed the "corporate reform" of public education that is narrowing the curriculum and limiting our role as educators to make decisions about what is best educationally for the students and communities we serve.


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