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Monday, June 20, 2011

Technology in Mathematics Education

This week Education Week featured an article about technology in mathematics education where I was quoted a couple of times.  The gist of what I had said was the while technology is crucial in supporting mathematics learning, it is not in and of itself a substitute for quality teaching and curriculum materials.  Something not mentioned in the article (which I understand does not have room for everything) was my concern that teachers are not being given enough time to for professional development to not only learn about new technology tools and resources but also to learn how to design and implement learning activities with these.

In case you have the time and interest, here are a few articles and tutorials worth exploring about exciting tools to support mathematics teaching and learning!


  1. I am in full agreement with you. Technology provides a way for students to explore mathematics, to make and test conjectures and develop a conceptual understanding of abstract concepts. It is essential that teachers learn how to use technology to promote understanding and not just use technology for technology sake. We need to rethink teacher education and decide if two methods and one learning psych courses provides a basis upon which math teachers build their conceptual understand on how people learn mathematics.